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The Kidz Church

The Kidz Church is a ministry that encompasses much more than child care or babysitting. It is the growth of leadership. It is discipleship across generations.

To serve ministers, we are here. Training trainers is what we do here. Our goal is to develop leaders. We are here to train followers of Christ. In order to prevent future generations of children from needing rescue, we are passionate about reaching out to them. Fervently pursuing Greener Pastures Chapel’s vision and mission, as well as spreading and influencing this mission among the future generation.

Collaborating with other ministries in our church to have a bigger influence on children as they progress from elementary school through college and even beyond. collaborating with families to support parents and caretakers in their role as the main spiritual leaders.

The Youth Church

The purpose of The Youth Church is to focus a portion of the church’s efforts on winning souls exclusively on today’s youth by speaking to and presenting the things of God to them in a welcoming environment, on a level they can appreciate, and in a language they can easily understand. The Youth Church is a dynamic and vibrant youth ministry.

The Youth Church holds services on Sundays at 12 PM, along with other holistic & transformative events. With the help of our Lead Pastor, Rev. James Debrah, the Youth Church also plans school outreach events and goes on annual summer camp retreats.

The movement for The Youth Church’s spiritual objectives are to reach out to those in society who fit into this group, to make sure they are in good standing with Christ, and to establish channels for promoting a Christian way of life.

Greener Pastures Choir

Greener Pastures Choir is the ministry that continuously leads worshipers, both new and seasoned, into the throne chamber of God. It is located in the Sound of Greener Pastures Chapel – Saki

Greener Pastures Choir, which was created in tandem with the FGCI Global mission, uses music and noises that are infused with the Holy Spirit to win souls and get people ready for the Second Coming of Christ.

The team is led admirably by our Lead Pastor, Rev. James Debrah and thrives on the pillars of prayer, unity, sacrifice, and service.

Springfield Choir

The youth ministry Springfield Choir constantly guides worshipers, both fresh and seasoned, into the throne room of God. The young people’s Sound of Greener Pastures Chapel – Saki is where it is.

In order to win souls and prepare people for the Second Coming of Christ, the Springfield Choir, which was founded in conjunction with the FGCI Global mission, uses music and noises that are infused with the Holy Spirit.

Our Lead Pastor, Rev. James Debrah, leads the team brilliantly. The team is built on the foundations of prayer, cooperation, selflessness, and service.

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